4-Row Hammered Open Cuff Bangle Bracelet -  Rose Gold

4-Row Hammered Open Cuff Bangle Bracelet - Rose Gold

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Give yourself a fresh new style that will give you that extra glow anywhere you go. The Rose Gold Hammered Open Metal Cuff Bracelet from Charming Charlie is the perfect accessory for you.

Developed by Charming Charlie using premium materials that provide high-quality performance, this fashionable jewelry is the perfect addition to any women's wardrobe. Charming Charlie offers a carefully curated line of stylish apparel and fashion accessories to let you score a piece that truly expresses you! From special events to an ordinary day, look your best by nabbing delightful pieces from our breathtaking product selection.

This bracelet is made from premium quality materials that prevent the bracelet from scratch and other damages. This metal cuff is designed using a gold hammered metal that has the right grip on your wrist, giving you a comfortable feel. It is stylishly designed with a textured pattern that creates a unique appearance that will give your wrist a chic and elegant look. You can wear this metal cuff on any occasion, whether it be weddings, birthdays, or just a regular day.

Find that perfect piece you've been searching for and discover irresistible, new masterpieces for yourself Charming Charlie's luxurious jewelry collection!


1 x Bracelet


  • METAL CUFF BRACELET - This bracelet is strategically designed using a gold hammered metal cuff that has a perfect fit around your wrist, giving you a comfortable feel. This color of this cuff is resistant to fading, providing a durable finish.
  • STYLISH DESIGN- The rows of this cuff is designed with textured patterns that create a unique appearance for the bracelet. This design provides a simple yet sophisticated style that's perfect for any outfit.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, this accessory boasts a durable build that stays in pristine condition for a long time. It's polished to a high sheen for a captivating finishing touch.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION - Attending special occasions requires unique accessories. Elegant and sophisticated, this bracelet will perfectly complement a lovely dress for a wedding or family gathering to give you a statement look that'll turn heads.
  • CELEBRATE EVERYONE'S STYLE - Find the perfect piece to give to a special someone and take delight in celebrating others with unique pieces that transform them. Discover a one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself and your loved ones with Charming Charlie!

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