7.5" Magnetic Wrap Bracelet - Studded Design - Blue

7.5" Magnetic Wrap Bracelet - Studded Design - Blue

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Upgrade your style on a whole new level with the best accessories. The Magnetic Blue Wrap Bracelet from Charming Charlie is what you need.

It is developed by Charming Charlie using premium materials that provide high-quality performance. Charming Charlie has been proven to provide stylish and creative products to help you express your creativity even in simple designs. A piece of perfect jewelry will always give you the best fashion style in any occasion.

This bracelet is stylishly designed with small crystal stones that are spread across the strap, creating an edgy look. It has a magnetic lock that provides maximum security around your wrist. It has a blue stone at the center of the bracelet, giving a sophisticated look for the bracelet.

Try the Charming Charlie Magnetic Blue Wrap Bracelet and experience the best accessory anywhere you go.


1 x Bracelet


  • STUDDED WRAP - Stylishly designed with small crystal stones that are spread across the strap of the bracelet. This feature creates a stylish and edgy look, making this simple bracelet look chic and elegant that will match your personality.
  • MAGNETIC LOCK - You deserve a bracelet that has a firm hold on your wrist while keeping an all-day comfort. This bracelet has a magnetic lock that provides security, preventing you from chucking it away while enjoying any event or party you're in.
  • STYLISH AND SIMPLE DETAILS - Its main design is the blue stone that sits right in the middle of the band. This design accentuates the entire appearance of the bracelet, providing sophistication even in simple design.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION - Attending family gathering and special occasions require unique accessories. This bracelet can also be worn when attending a wedding as it provides an elegant and sophisticated style perfect for a lovely dress.
  • CELEBRATE EVERYONE'S STYLE - Find the perfect piece to give to a special someone and take delight in celebrating others with unique pieces that transform them. Discover a one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself and your loved ones with Charming Charlie!

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