"Blessed" Insulated Lunch Tote - Waterproof Design - Easy Carry

"Blessed" Insulated Lunch Tote - Waterproof Design - Easy Carry

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Pack your favorite meal wherever you go and enjoy its fresh flavors even after hours with the "Blessed" Insulated Lunch Tote from Charming Charlie!

Manufactured by Charming Charlie using premium Nylon material that's designed to effectively resist ripping and tearing, making it more ideal to carry everyday or during travels. It's improved with water-resistant properties to keep the bag dry even when exposed to liquids. This lunchbox is conveniently developed with efficient insulation to preserve the temperature of the contents, keeping it warm or cool.

This meal bag is engineered to store fruits, meals, snacks, vegetables, yogurts, and more! It can also carry your utensils, so you can eat your snacks anytime, anywhere. Finished with a floral design for added look topped with sturdy carry around handles for easy and comfortable carrying. Made perfect for students, teachers, and office professionals.

Let every inspiration flow through you with Charming Charlie!


1 x Lunch Tote


  • PREMIERE BRAND - Manufactured by Charming Charlie through creativity focused on curating breathtaking volumes of color and something special for every occasion. Charming Charlie delivers a one-of-a-kind source of style that exceeds expectations.
  • RESILIENT EXTERIOR - Exclusively constructed using high-grade Nylon material conditioned to resist ripping and tearing. It's improved with water-resistant properties to keep the lunchbox dry while adding resilience and durability.
  • INSULATED LUNCHBOX - Developed with an insulated design to keep the contents warm or cold. It helps preserve the temperature of your meal to keep it fresh and flavorful, so you can enjoy it at any time you want to!
  • SPACIOUS PACK - Engineered to provide you with sufficient space to pack your meals for the day! This lunchbox is designed to store your delicious snacks, fruits, yogurt, vegetables, and more!
  • VERSATILE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Ideally made for students, teachers, and office workers, this meal tote is completed with sturdy carry around handles, allowing you to easily carry the bag with ease. Finished with a floral design.

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