Combo Seed Bead Post Top with Fringe Earrings - Blue - Charming Charlie

Combo Seed Bead Post Top with Fringe Earrings - Blue

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You deserve a stylish accessory that will match your personality and style. The Women's Combo Seed Bead Post Top with Fringe Earrings from Charming Charlie can give you a new sense of style.

It is developed by Charming Charlie using premium materials that provide high-quality performance. Charming Charlie has been proven to provide stylish and creative products to help you express your creativity even in simple designs. A piece of perfect jewelry will always give you the best fashion style in any occasion.

These earrings are designed with a hypoallergenic material that prevents your ear from itchiness and any allergic reaction. The design features seed beads and tassels, creating a bohemian-inspired style that creates a fun and chic vibe. The materials used for this piece are made from the premium quality selection that is very durable, ensuring long-lasting comfort. You can wear this accessory on any occasion, providing you a whole new different vibe.

Try the Charming Charlie Blue Combo Seed Bead Post Top with Fringe and experience the fun in any style.


1 x Pair of Earrings


  • HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIALS - People with sensitive skin often find it hard to look for earrings that will not cause an allergic reaction to their ears. This piece allows you to have a comfortable experience for high confidence throughout the day.
  • TRENDY STYLE - Constructed with numerous trending materials, it includes tassels, fringe, and seed beads that create a stylish appearance. These earrings are a perfect match for any outfit you like.
  • BOHEMIAN-THEMED DESIGN - If you're going to a boho themed party or have a fun stroll at the beach, this piece is for you. These earrings are stylishly designed to be worn anywhere you go, providing you a fun and sophisticated fashion style.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION - Attending family gathering and special occasions require unique accessories. These earrings can also be worn when attending a wedding as it provides an elegant and sophisticated style perfect for a lovely dress.
  • CELEBRATE EVERYONE'S STYLE - Find the perfect piece to give to a special someone and take delight in celebrating others with unique pieces that transform them. Discover a one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself and your loved ones with Charming Charlie!

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