Rhodium 16-Inch Stone Cluster Necklace - Multied - Charming Charlie

Rhodium 16-Inch Stone Cluster Necklace - Multied

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Glam up and turn heads with the Rhodium Plated Glass Stone Cluster Necklace from Charming Charlie!

Developed by Charming Charlie using premium materials that provide high-quality performance, this fashionable jewelry is the perfect addition to any women's wardrobe. Charming Charlie offers a carefully curated line of stylish apparel and fashion accessories to let you score a piece that truly expresses you! From special events to an ordinary day, look your best by nabbing delightful pieces from our breathtaking product selection.

Designed using a gold-plated chain that gives this necklace a luxurious feel, making it ideal for wearing on any occasion. Its Multied glass clusters make this necklace look more stylish and can be partnered for any outfit of yours. It's made with rhodium-plated metal that resists scratches and tarnishes.

Find that perfect piece you've been searching for and discover irresistible, new masterpieces for yourself Charming Charlie's luxurious jewelry collection!


1 x Necklace


  • EXCELLENT DESIGN - Designed using Multied glass clusters in a gold-plated chain that gives you a luxurious feeling. This necklace is also made with rhodium that resists scratches and tarnishes.
  • CHIC STAPLE ACCESSORY - Complement your style with this glamorous set of jewelry! It is crafted with a unique setting that has the combination of quality and value that ensures comfort when worn.
  • A PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Packed with love and uniqueness that delivers a stunning piece. Showcasing an elegant look that makes this sophisticated necklace a perfect present for your loved ones and even for yourself.
  • FASHIONABLE JEWELRY - Add style through your outfit! These necklace deliver an elegant look that can withstand any occasion. It also complements your casual and party wear.
  • CELEBRATE EVERYONE'S STYLE - Find the perfect piece to give to a special someone and take delight in celebrating others with unique pieces that transform them. Discover a one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself and your loved ones with Charming Charlie.

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