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Easy-Sip Cup w/ Straw and Handle - Break-Resistant Mug - 16 Oz
Easy-Sip Cup w/ Straw and Handle - Break-Resistant Mug - 16 Oz

Easy-Sip Cup w/ Straw and Handle - Break-Resistant Mug - 16 Oz

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Upgrade your next party into a fun and colorful bash with the help of Easy-Sip Cup from Charming Charlie.

Developed by Charming Charlie using premium materials that provide high-quality performance. Charming Charlie has been proven to provide stylish and creative products to help you express your creativity even in simple designs. This mason jar is created with premium quality materials that will surely add more fun in your next party.

This is made of BFA-free plastic that reassures you of a safe drinking cup for your guests. It is also break-resistant, preventing any form of accidents to happen, especially when children are present. This is also a perfect gift for your loved ones as it is very stylish and unique that they will surely love.

What's a party without fun and colorful decoration, right? Try Design Plastic Mason Jar with Straw and Handle from Charming Charlie and experience a party like never before.


1 x Plastic Cup w/ Straw and Handle


  • REUSABLE INSULATED CUP - Strategically designed for on-the-go use complete with lid, straw, and handle. Its double-walled construction insulates temperature to prevent condensation and keep your drink cool all day long.
  • BPA-FREE PLASTIC - Made from premium plastic material that's non-toxic. Its BPA-free construction eliminates worries about your beverage being exposed to harmful chemicals, providing assurance that the content of the container is safe to drink.
  • BREAK-RESISTANT MUG - This easy-sip cup is made of break-resistant plastic that prevents breakage during accidental drops while the lid screws on securely to prevent spills. This cup can be used by children aged three and up.
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES - Strategically designed to have a stylish look, this cup can be used for birthday parties and other celebrations, adding a pop of color to simple table settings. This cup will surely bring smiles to your guest's face.
  • PLAYFUL DESIGN - This mason jar is beautifully printed with colorful confetti surrounding the cup, creating a fun and unique party accessory. The straw of this cup has unique and inspirational quotes that will surely uplift your mood.