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On-The-Go Plastic Water Bottle - Spill-Proof Twist Lid - Pink

On-The-Go Plastic Water Bottle - Spill-Proof Twist Lid - Pink

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Up your hydration and enjoy a big gulp of your favorite drink anywhere you go with the On-The-Go Water Bottle from Charming Charlie.

Developed by Charming Charlie using premium materials for a sleek container that's convenient to bring, this water bottle is the perfect partner for your gym sessions. Chic and stylish, its unique design lets you creatively express your style. A fashionable alternative to basic jugs, this drinking bottle allows you to hydrate the fun and easy way!

Built with a BPA-free plastic construction, this bottle ensures that harmful chemicals or toxins won't mix with your beverage. It has a clip-on ring that allows you to attach it to your bag during outdoor recreational activities. It's designed with inspirational slogans that will help you feel motivated in any situation. This water bottle is also great as a holiday gift for your family and friends.

Live a healthy lifestyle with On-The-Go Water Bottle from Charming Charlie and stay hydrated all the time.


1 x Water Bottle


  • PERFECT FOR THE GYM - This water bottle is strategically designed to keep water and other drinks cool for hours, so you can enjoy a refreshing gulp of cold and refreshing water after an intense workout at the gym.
  • BPA-FREE PLASTIC - Made from premium plastic material that's non-toxic. Its BPA-free construction eliminates worries about your beverage being exposed to harmful chemicals, providing assurance that the content of the container is safe to drink.
  • ATTACHABLE TO BAG - Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, this drinking bottle comes with a clip-on ring that allows you to attach it to your bag, letting you conveniently carry it without having to store it inside your bag.
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION - Give your friends and loved ones the cutest and most practical gift this holiday by copping this tumbler! It has a cute design that they'll surely love and will keep them motivated to drink lots of water.
  • INSPIRATIONAL SLOGANS - Chic and handy, this water bottle features motivational slogans that will keep you motivated throughout the day. The lovely sayings serve as a daily reminder to keep going in the midst of challenges!