1.75" Rhinestone Elongated Hoop Earrings - Charming Charlie

1.75" Rhinestone Elongated Hoop Earrings

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Steal the spotlight and stand out from the crowd with the Rhinestone Delicate Elongated Hoop Earrings from Charming Charlie!

Exquisitely manufactured by K&M Jewelry using premium materials, this fashionable jewelry is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. offers a carefully curated line of stylish apparel and fashion accessories to let you score a piece that truly expresses you! From special events to an ordinary day, look your best by nabbing delightful pieces from our breathtaking product selection.

Spice up every outfit and come up with your statement look by wearing just one accessory! Showcasing a unique and stylish design that complements both casual and formal outfits, this jewelry highlights your look and puts the spotlight in your natural beauty. Transform a simple look into a fierce ensemble with this accessory. This chic earring is the perfect gift to delight your friends and family.

Switch from basic to dramatically fancy with enchanting new masterpieces from Charming Charlie's luxurious jewelry collection!


1 x Pair of Rhinestone Delicate Hoop Earrings


  • GLAMOROUS GEMSTONE DETAIL - Adorned with captivating rhinestones that exude elegance. The chic and sleek hoop, which measures 1.75 inches, completes the pair's sophisticated design to give you a statement piece that'll go well with any outfit.
  • STAINLESS STEEL HOOKS - Designed with durable hooks that keep the earrings in place and prevent it from budging. The lightweight yet sturdy piece makes for a comfortable accessory that you can confidently wear all day long!
  • EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP - Meticulously built using the finest pieces of premium materials to give you a luxurious piece that's guaranteed to stand out. Its elegant construction blends modern elements with timeless detailing.
  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE EARS - Expertly crafted with a lead- and nickel-free construction to grant you a piece of hypoallergenic jewelry that's safe even for the most sensitive skin. Tested to comply with all US state requirements.
  • CELEBRATE YOUR OWN STYLE - Find the perfect piece that'll absolutely transform you in our carefully curated collection. Discover unique gifts and cop an irresistible, one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself and your girlfriends with Charming Charlie!

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