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Charming Charlie Textured Hoop Earrings 3 Pair Set - Hypoallergenic, Rose Gold

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Transform an ordinary look into an effortlessly elegant style from work to weekends with the Women's Hoop Earrings Set from Charming Charlie!

Complete your weekday wardrobe with this stylish staple piece expertly manufactured using hypoallergenic materials to ensure comfort and keep you allergy-free throughout the day! This earring is crafted in compliance with all U.S state requirements, making it the ideal accessory for everyday wear.

This set comes complete with three pairs of hoop earrings in assorted sizes ideal for every occasion and everyday wear. It includes a large 2.25-inch hoop earring and two 1-inch hoop earrings. Each pair features a rose gold shade, so you can effortlessly match it with any other accessories. Score major style points wherever you go and pair it with your favorite necklace!

Complete your look with premium accessories for that picture-perfect look with Charming Charlie!


3 x Hoop Earrings


  • HYPOALLERGENIC ACCESSORY - Exclusively manufactured with hypoallergenic materials to keep you comfortable and allergy-free all day long! It's crafted in compliance with all U.S state requirements for guaranteed safety.
  • ASSORTED HOOPS - This accessory set is completed with 3 pairs of hoop earrings in assorted sizes. It includes a large hoop, measuring 2.25 inches in diameter and two smaller hoops, measuring 1-inch. Each pair is perfect for everyday wear.
  • TRENDY AND MODERN - Finished with a textured design made to match and complete your look for multiple occasions. Covered in stunning rose gold color for complete statement jewelry.
  • DAY TO DAY STYLING - This earring set is made ideal for daily and occasional wear to give you major style vibes when you're out and about! Pair it with your favorite necklace and earrings for a complete polished look.
  • GLOBALLY INSPIRED COLLECTION - Find the perfect piece that'll absolutely transform you from Berry's carefully curated product line. Our beautiful jewelry and charming accessories set your mood for an amazing adventure every single day!