Drift Bottle Mini Floating Humidifier - Multitasky

Drift Bottle Mini Floating Humidifier


Imagine that every single glass of water could magically turn into a sleek humidifier

Well, no need to imagine because the future is here. Drop this mini portable humidifier into a glass and enjoy! It’s that easy.

With this mini portable humidifier, you can defy the harsh drying effect of air travel, long hours at the office, and sun-drenched road trips. Simply fill the humidifier with water and let your skin drink it in. As an added bonus, drop it into a bowl of water and it becomes a floating humidifier, which brings your Zen to the next level.

* Note: Rechargeable - can stay on for up to 4 hours. We do not recommend adding essential oil to this product. Do NOT charge when in water.