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16-Ounce Cosmic Stemless Wine Glass Set - Pack of 2, Gold/Black
16-Ounce Cosmic Stemless Wine Glass Set - Pack of 2, Gold/Black

16-Ounce Cosmic Stemless Wine Glass Set - Pack of 2, Gold/Black

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Are you looking for a stylish yet sophisticated glass for your new bottle of wine? This 2-Piece Stemless Wine Glasses from Charming Charlie is perfect for you.

Developed by Charming Charlie using premium materials that provide high-quality performance. Charming Charlie has been proven to provide stylish and creative products to help you express your creativity even in simple designs. This wine glass will surely create a whole different mood for you.

It is a 16 fl oz stemless wine glass that has a tip-resistant property perfect for your cocktails and other cold beverage. It has inspirational quotes alongside a moon and stars design that will surely keep you motivated and will lift up your mood. It makes a great gift for your family and loved ones who are fans of wine.

Upgrade simple dining at home with fun and stylish dinnerware from Charming Charlie!


2 x Wine Glasses


  • INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES - This wine glass includes inspirational saying like "Shoot For The Stars" and " Moon of my Life" to keep you motivated. This can help you uplift your mood whenever you're feeling down while having a good glass of wine.
  • 16 FL OZ STEMLESS WINE GLASSES - Forget the traditional wine glass you always use and try this stemless glass. It has the perfect size for your favorite cocktails and any cold beverage, ensuring quality drinking experience all the time.
  • TIP-RESISTANT - This glass is strategically designed to have a tip-resistance property to prevent the risk of spilling the wine on your favorite shirt. Its shape enhances the flavor of the wine and allows you to enjoy the wine until the last sip.
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION - You can give your friends and loved ones the cutest and most practical gift with this stemless wine glass. It has a cute design that they will surely love and enjoy their glass of wine!
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR ME TIME - You can enjoy a nice glass of wine even when you are alone. This glass will surely lift up your mood and will let you enjoy your quality "me" time, just you, the wine, and this cute yet sophisticated glass.