Smooth Velvet Fashion Headband - Hair Accessory - Grey - Charming Charlie

Smooth Velvet Fashion Headband - Hair Accessory - Grey


Pull off a statement look that'll make you stand out by dressing up your tresses with the Smooth Velvet Headband from Charming Charlie!

Exquisitely designed and crafted by Berry using premium materials that provide high-quality performance, this fashionable jewelry is the perfect addition to any women's wardrobe. Charming Charlie offers a carefully curated line of stylish apparel and fashion accessories to let you score a piece that truly expresses you! From special events to an ordinary day, look your best by nabbing delightful pieces from our breathtaking product selection.

Look dolled up in a jiffy with this hair accessory that instantly upgrades your hair! Whether you have straight or curly locks, short or long tresses, or thick or thin hair, add some life to your everyday look by wearing this dainty accessory. Use it to keep hair out of your face or to take a simple ponytail to the next level. Cop any hairstyle you can think of and create your own signature look with this headband that's also perfect as an exciting gift to girls who love to experiment with their hair.

Find that perfect piece you've been searching for and discover irresistible, new masterpieces for yourself from Charming Charlie's luxurious jewelry collection!


1 x Velvet Headband


  • SOFT AND STRETCHABLE - Carefully made from premium material that's stretchable, this headband snugly wraps around your head to keep it away from your face. Its luxuriously soft band won't add pressure, granting you all-day comfort.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Designed to be suitable for both thick and thin hair or long and short mane. This chic accessory allows you to style straight, wavy, or curly hair for a finishing touch that'll complete your look of the day.
  • GLAMS UP YOUR LOCKS - Update your look by adding these fancy ornaments to your hair. Its stunning design makes accessorizing a breeze without the need for extra styling tools, giving you a statement look that'll surely turn heads.
  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - Expertly crafted with a lead- and nickel-free construction to grant you a hypoallergenic accessory that's safe even for the most sensitive skin. Tested to comply with all US state requirements.
  • GLOBALLY INSPIRED COLLECTION - Find the perfect piece that'll absolutely transform you from Berry's carefully curated product line. Our beautiful jewelry and charming accessories set your mood for an amazing adventure every single day!