Secure the Bag Bundle

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Save some coin with our Secure the Bag Bundle, complete with all your No Mo faves!


• No Mo-Stache Portable Facial Hair Removal Strips: hypoallergenic wax strips to clean up the unwanted hair anywhere around your face. 

• No Mo-Bush Bikini Wax Body Strips: hypoallergenic wax strips for your legs, bikini line, and arms.

• No Mo-Unibrow Portable Brow Wax Kit: hypoallergenic wax strips perfect for the space in between your eyebrows + top of brow clean up.

• All-Star Cleansing Brush: This dual head brush gently buff skins with nylon bristles while silicone touch points exfoliate and promote circulation leaving you with an all-star glow. 

• No Mo-Stache Market Tote: Save a tree with our cute pink reusable canvas tote on your next market run!