Dreamy Bath Fizzers and Sleep Mask Set - Scented Themed Pack - Charming Charlie

Dreamy Bath Fizzers and Sleep Mask Set - Scented Themed Pack

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Enjoy a luscious bath and experience a spa-like treatment right at the comfort of your home with the Dreamy Bath Fizzers and Sleep Mask Set from Charming Charlie!

Cleanse and relax with this set completed with two lush bath fizzers and a sleep mask combined to give you the ultimate bath therapy. Each bath bomb gives off a luxurious feel against your skin by cleansing and exfoliating it. Each piece features a unique shape of a unicorn head and a magical rainbow swirl topped with a perfumed scent that keeps you smelling great to relieve your senses.

Soothe your eyes and take a rejuvenating bath using the themed sleep mask included in this set. It's tailored to provide you with complete relaxation senses and features unicorn-themed prints and patterns. The sleep mask efficiently covers your eyes without a tight fit to keep you comfortable every time you use it.

Calm your body and mind and take a relaxing bath with this collection from Charming Charlie!


2 x Bath Fizzers

1 x Sleep Mask


  • PREMIERE BRAND - Manufactured by Tricoastal Design through creative expertise guided by a consistent focus on inspiration, innovation, and growth. Tricoastal Design delivers cutting-edge products that exceed expectations.
  • PREMIUM BATH SET - Comes complete with two luscious bath fizzers and a sleep mask, giving you the perfect advantage to pamper yourself with a relaxing spa-like treatment!
  • FIZZER PACK - Each fizzer is made of skin-safe components that effectively cleans and exfoliates your skin. It features a unicorn head shape and a pretty magical rainbow swirl figure with a lush fragrance that sticks to your skin.
  • THEMED MASK - Calm and soothe yourself with the unicorn-themed sleep mask tailored for a complete bathing relaxation session. You can use the sleep mask to cover your eyes while soaking in the aromatic goodness of the bath fizzers.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - Packed in a beautiful and unique storage box, making it perfect as a gift set for your friends and family. It can also be used as a party favor for your guests to bring home!

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