Round Case Watch w/ PU Leather Strap - 9 Holes - Wine
Round Case Watch w/ PU Leather Strap - 9 Holes - Wine
Round Case Watch w/ PU Leather Strap - 9 Holes - Wine
Round Case Watch w/ PU Leather Strap - 9 Holes - Wine

Round Case Watch w/ PU Leather Strap - 9 Holes - Wine

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Keep track of time in style and look your best by sporting accessories that highlight your beauty, like the Round Case PU Leather Strap Watch from Charming Charlie!

Made by Charming Charlie using premium materials that provide high-quality performance, this fashionable jewelry is the perfect addition to any women's wardrobe. Charming Charlie offers a carefully curated line of stylish apparel and fashion accessories to let you score a piece that truly expresses you! From special events to an ordinary day, look your best by nabbing delightful pieces from our breathtaking product selection.

Spice up every outfit and come up with your statement look by wearing just one accessory! Showcasing a unique and stylish design that complements both casual and formal outfits, this wristwatch upgrades your look while making time tracking a breeze. Transform a simple look into a fierce ensemble with this accessory. This chic watch is the perfect gift to delight your friends and family.

Find that perfect piece you've been searching for and discover irresistible, new masterpieces for yourself from Charming Charlie's luxurious jewelry collection!


1 x Round Case Wristwatch


  • PREMIUM CASE - Features a high-quality case that's made of alloy metal for enhanced durability. The heavy-duty material protects the timepiece from normal wear and tear and shields it from environmental elements.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - Constructed with a faux PU leather strap that's sturdy and buttery soft. Designed with 9 holes, the different slots allow you to create the perfect fit for your wrist for all-day comfort.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE - Comes with a battery that will last for over 2 years so you don't have to worry about regularly replacing the watch's battery. The battery facilitates precise movement of the second hand to ensure accurate tracking of time.
  • EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP - Meticulously crafted in China using the finest pieces of premium materials to give you a luxurious piece that's guaranteed to stand out. Its elegant build blends modern elements with timeless detailing.
  • CELEBRATE YOUR OWN STYLE - Find the perfect piece that'll absolutely transform you in our carefully curated collection. Discover unique gifts and cop an irresistible, one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself and your girlfriends with Charming Charlie!

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