Ice Globes Purple for Smooth Lines and Skin Tightening

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Smooth fine lines, wrinkles and enhances skin tightening; Reduce eye bags and eyes puffiness, promoting blood circulation;
STEP 1- Clean your face with your facial cleanser so that you have a fresh canvas;
STEP.2- Apply your favorite oil, moisturizer, cream, or serum;
STEP.3- Gently massage the ice globes over your face (about 10 mins) to allow the remedy to permeate deeper into your skin so it can absorb the product more effectively.
Choose according to your preference: 1. WARM / HOT MASSAGE (Let in hot or warm water for 2-5 mins, depending on how hot you can handle); 2. NORMAL MASSAGE (You can also have a great massage experience without heating or refrigeration); 3. FOR COLD MASSAGE (Put in fridge, freezer, or ice cubes for 10-15 minutes),If you want to get a longer frozen feeling, you can refrigerate longer