RINNA BEAUTY Lip Kit - Amelia

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Lil Extra Lip Liner is a neutral tone mauve color.For lips that want to stand out and be noticed. Perfectly engineered for your favorite look, this lip pencil is ideal for shaping, lining, or filing. Beautifully smooth and creamy texture that is the perfect tool for creating your ideal lip look.Angel’s Kiss is an iced rose color.The ICON COLLECTION lipstick is a vegan creamy, satin lipstick that glides on smoothly and provides long-lastingness and rich hydration. Easily glides on lips coating them with a silky-smooth color and sheen without accenting lip lines. Easy lip absorption creates and optimal combination of moisture and softness. Enriched ingredients provide the ultimate protection for your lips.Frost Bite is a shiny frost silver color.The ICON COLLECTION lip gloss is a vegan high shine moisturizing lip gloss that glides on flawlessly, soothing and smoothing your lips, while creating the look of amplified volume. This formula is light enough for a comfortable feel, but rich enough so that it lasts all day and night. The ICON COLLECTION is tinted, so you can wear it alone or with your favorite lipstick and pencil. You can apply his unique formula to be worn as a high gloss or subtle sheen!